Allahdino, a small village of Harappan period well-organized settlement was abandoned by c. 2000 BCE. It is located 40 km east of Karachi.

Allahdino – Harappan Site of Pakistan

Allahdino is a small village belonging to the Harappan period. It is located 40 km east of Karachi. It is an unfortified settlement of 1.4 hectares, set in a coastal area of Pakistan. This small but well-organized settlement was abandoned by c. 2000 BCE.

Excavations of Allahdino

Several mud-brick houses, sometimes built on stone platforms were excavated from this site. A large multiroomed house with a mudbrick platform was also excavated. 

One building had three wells, with diameters of 60 cm to 90 cm. All the wells found on this site had small diameters. The layout of the settlement and buildings recommend that Allahdino was involved with administrative role.

Artifact Found

Large quantities of copper objects, triangular terracotta cakes, seals, small terracotta jars with profusions of gold, silver, bronze and other ornaments were found.

Several jars, one containing gold and silver ornaments, were also found here. A belt containing 36 carnelian beads was found, proof of highly skilled workers being settled in the area. 

Archeologists believe that findings of gold and silver ornaments, as well as the usage of stone at the village show some of the residents were well to do. This site is well excavated one and a total of 240,000 vessels and shreds were collected and tabulated.


Water from the wells of Allahdino would have been used to irrigate nearby fields. Allahdino is also thought to have been connected with textile manufacturing.

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