Kharda For marks the Battle of Kharda fought in March 1795 between the Maratha Confederacy under the Peshwa and the Nizam of Hyderabad.

History of Kharda – Battle and Kharda Fort

Kharda(Shivpattan) is a township in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Kharda is connected to the taluka headquarters of Jamkhed via road. Kharde-patils, now belong to Kolhar of Rahata Taluk, Ahmednagar District find their roots in this place. 

Battle Of Kharda

The Battle of Kharda, also known as the Battle of Khurla, took place in 1795 between Nizam and Maratha Empire. In this battle, Nizam was badly defeated. 

This was the last battle fought together by all the Maratha chiefs under the leadership of Parshurambhau Patwardhan. Maratha forces consisted of cavalry, including gunners, bowmen, artillery, and infantry.

After several fights, Nizam’s infantry under Raymond launched an attack on the Marathas but forces of Scindia under Jivabadada Kerkar defeated them and launched a counter-attack which proved to be decisive. The rest of the Hyderabad army fled to the fort of Kharda. The Nizam started negotiations and they were concluded in April 1795.

Kharda Fort

Kharda Fort is a tourist attraction and a historical place. It marks the Battle of Kharda fought in March 1795 between the Maratha Confederacy under the Peshwa of Pune and the Nizam of Hyderabad. The fort is at ground level and still in good condition.

A compromise between the Maratha empire and the Mughals took place at Shingave Naik under Maratha Sardar, grandson of Bahirji Naik i.e. Sardar Tukoji naik. The actual place is a Wada or military headquarters of Maratha Sardar- Shrimant Tukoji Naik’s Residence. 

After the Taha or Compromise, Sardar Tukoji built a Ram Mandir in Shingave Naik within the military headquarters area which is also present there. This symbolized the victory of the Marathas over the Mughals. Shingave Naik is 22 km from Ahmednagar District on Nagar – Shirdi Road.

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