Maharana Kshetra Singh – Son of Maharana Hammir Singh

Kshetra Singh was the Maharana of the Mewar Kingdom (r. 1364–1382). He was Maharana Hammir Singh‘s son. He conquered Mandalgarh and Ajmer during his rule.

Rule of Kshetra Singh

The renowned Rana Hammir’s son and successor, Kshetra, governed Mewar from A.D. 1364 until A.D. 1382. He significantly grew the kingdom. He reannexed Mandalgarh, Mandsaur, and the entirety of Chappan to Mewar, as well as Ajmer and Jahazpur. 

He triumphed over the Sultan of Delhi, who had been completely vanquished at Bakrole. In a conflict, he also captured the Sultan of Gujarat. He seized Zafar Khan, Sultan of Patan, according to the Kumbalgarh inscription (who later became the first independent Sultan of Gujarat).

By overthrowing the Sultan of Malwa and slaying his general Amir Shah, he furthered his notoriety.

During a war against the Hada of Bundi, Kshetra Singh perished in 1382 AD.

Rana Lakha Singh succeeded him after his death (1382-1421).

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