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What is the meaning Of Paibos and Sajdah(or Sijdah)?

Sajdah(or Sijdah) and Paibos were a type of ritual introduced by Ghiyasuddin Balban. Balban was the most powerful ruler of the Slave Dynasty. Sajdah and Paibos were the Persian traditions.

Ghiyasuddin Balban – Brief Introduction

Ghiyashuddin Balban was a great and one of the most powerful sultans of the “Mamluk” dynasty(Slave Dynasty). The real name of Ghiyashuddin Balban was Ulugh Khan(Powerful Lord). He ruled Delhi from 1266 AD to 1286 AD.

Balban was a slave bought by Iltutmish from a slave dealer. The Sultan Nazir-ud-din made him Chief Minister. Balban married Sultan Nazir-ud-din’s daughter. He raised from the position of Malik to Khan and Khan to Sultan.

What is the meaning of Sajdah(or Sijdah)?

Sajdah means reaching out before the sultan on the ground with one’s face touching the ground to acknowledge the influence of the sultan.

What is the meaning of Paibos?

Paibos means kissing the foot of the sultan to appreciate his power. The origin of Paibos is from Persia (Iran) where a subject had to bow in front of a king and kiss his feet.

Why Balban implemented Sajdah and Paibos?

Balban believed in divine kingship. He viewed himself as the deputy of God on Earth. His court was organized on the patterns of the Persian royal court. Nobody could even dare to smile in his court. 

Orthodox Muslims were against these customs. They opposed these customs. But, they are helpless in front of Balban.

Abolition of Paibos and Sajdah

Paibos and Sajdah had been the inhuman practices. Emperor Akbar, the third Mughal Emperor, abolished these inhuman practices. 

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