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Nagadasaka – The Last Ruler of Haryak Dynasty

Nagadasaka was the last ruler of HAryak vansh or haryak dynasty.

Nagadasaka was the king of Magadha from 437 to 413 BCE. He was the last ruler of the Haryak Vansh/Dynasty.

Nagadasaka was the son of Munda. He slew his father and ruled for twenty-four years.

According to the Buddhist tradition, he was the last ruler of the Haryak Dynasty. The people removed him and made Amatya Shishunaga king in his place. 

About Haryak Dynasty

The Haryak dynasty or Haryanka Dynasty(from 544 BCE to 412 BCE) is considered to have been the second ruling dynasty of Magadha. It replaced the legendary Barhadara dynasty. It was founded by Bimbisara (544 BCE to 493 BCE). Bimbisara is considered the actual founder of the Magadha Empire. 

Nagadasaka was the last ruler of the ‘Haryak dynasty’. His Amatya Shishunaga dated 412 BC took advantage of Nāgadāsaka’s weakness. He assumed the throne and established the Shishunaga Dynasty.

Downfall of Nagadasaka

Nagadasaka was very luxurious and weak. Due to his carelessness in governance, people are not satisfied with him.

His Amatya(commander) Shishunaga sought it as the opportunity to become King. He revolted the kingdom and became the king.

The Haryak Dynasty ended in 412 BCE and the Shishunaga Dynasty was established.

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