Shakti Singh Sisodia – Brother of Maharana Pratap

Shakti Singh Sisodia, was the son of Maharana Udai Singh II Sisodia and Sajja Bai Solanki, also known as Shakta, Sakta, or Sagat. He was a Rajput Kshatriya.

Shakti Singh was a fearsome fighter. It is a widely held idea that he was expelled from Mewar at some point during his lifetime due to strained relations with his father and spent time at the royal palace of Dungarpur, where he became enraged and killed a crafty brahmin.

However, this is folklore, and historical proof in this area is lacking. Later, he was invited by Akbar for a meeting, which he accepted, but when Akbar explained his plan to capture Chittaurgarh to Shakti Singh and offered him Mewar against his own family in the hope that the people of Mewar would not resist akbar if Shakti Singh was crowned, he ran away from Dhaulpur at midnight while Akbar was encamped there to inform his father about Akbar’s plan to capture Chittor, which anger

He rejoined his brother Maharana Pratap‘s side in the Battle of Haldighati in 1576. Shakti Singh’s 11 out of 17 sons were martyred fighting against the mughals for their country Mewar later under the authority of Maharana Amar Singh I (son of Maharana Pratap).

This Shakti-praising couplet is well-known among Mewari people: शक्ता थारी शक्ति नु हरि जाने ना कोई, शुरा थारी हुँकार सु महाकाल निकट ना आए| The Shaktawats are the Shaktawats’ descendants.

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