In this post, we discussed literary sources of indian history.

What is History? And Why we need to study history?

Have you ever tried to know history?

Ever wondered why history should be learned?

Have you ever wondered how broad the field of history is?

Today we will try to find answers to these questions-

So let us try to understand history in the following points-

What is the meaning of history?

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History is used exclusively in two meanings. One is ancient or what can be called past events, and the other is the perceptions about the events.

The word history means — it is definite. We can say that history is the name of specific incidents done by humans.

What is the field of history?

The field of history is very broad. Every single person, subject, exploration, the movement has its own history, even the history of history.

It can be said that like philosophical, scientific, etc., historical has its own approach.

Why is history important, why do we read it?

History helps us understand our present and past. History helps us to understand the rest of the subjects.

Modern, political, and social problems help us to understand. History strengthens our thinking capacity.

What is the importance of history in human life. What is its purpose?

History gives us all the dimensions and aspects of human nature. Reading history is of utmost importance for any caste or nation to remain alive, prosperous, and dynamic.

History is a picture of human actions under different circumstances which change from time to time. It gives us knowledge of the gradual development of civilization.

What are some major types of history?

It is divided into several parts for the study of history. Some of the major types of history are named as follows-

There are mainly six types of history which is discussed in this image.

What is the theme of history?

History is the source of all the events happening on the earth’s surface, be it political, social, economic, or cultural. All these fall in the field of history itself.

Like other subjects, history has also been constructive towards its content keeping in mind the interest of human beings.

Is history a science or art or both?

The rules of history cannot be called right everywhere, in all directions and every time, but the approach of history is scientific. And their methods of investigation are also scientific. In this sense, like all social sciences, history is a science, and from the point of view, history is art.


Thus, we have seen how history is an aspect of our life which always appears around us in some form or other. By studying history we become mentally stronger. We are able to understand the circumstances of the present times.

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