Angkor Wat is a temple dedicated to lord Vishnu and also to Buddha. It was built by Suryavarman II.

Who built Angkor Wat of Cambodia?

Angkor Wat, a temple complex at Angkor, near Siĕmréab, Cambodia. It was built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II (reigned 1113–c. 1150). 

The vast religious complex of Angkor Wat comprises more than a thousand buildings, and it is one of the great cultural wonders of the world. 

Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious structure, covering some 400 acres (160 hectares), and marks the high point of Khmer architecture. 

Originally dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, Angkor Wat became a Buddhist temple by the end of the 12th century. This temple is also a symbol of Mount Meru. 

Angkor Wat is built in the city of Simrip on the banks of the Mekong River, is still ‘the largest Hindu temple in the world.’

Angkor Wat Temple was Built By Suryavarman II
King Suryavarman II

It was started and completed during the reigns of 2 Khmer Empire’s kings, started by Suryavarman II (mid 12th Century) and completed by Jayavarman VII (at the end of 12th Century). 

History of Angkor wat

The ancient name of present-day Cambodia was Kambuj and there was the Khmer Empire. The word Angkor in the Khmer language means capital. 

The word Angkor is derived from the Sanskrit word Nagram.

Hence the metropolis named Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire. The Khmer Empire was at its height from about the 9th century to the 15th century.

A large number of people lived in the period 1010 to 1220 in the city of Angkor. Today the temple of Angkor wat is located in this place. 

The remains of Angkor Nagar lie amidst forests and fields to the south of the modern city called Shyam Reap (Simrip).

There are more than 1000 small and big temples in the Angkor region. Many of these temples have been rebuilt.

”The entire area, including the Ankorwat Temple and Ankorthom, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

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