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Rana Raimal – Rajput Ruler of Mewar

Rana Raimal was a Rajput ruler of Mewar. He was the son of Rana Kumbha. He strengthened the state of Mewar and repaired the temple of Eklingji, Chittor.

Rana Raimal(1473–1509) was a Rajput ruler of Mewar. He was the son of Rana Kumbha. He strengthened the state of Mewar and repaired the temple of Eklingji, Chittor.

How Rana Raimal ascent to the throne?

Raimal and Udai Singh I were the sons of the legendary Rana Kumbha. Raimal was younger than Udai Singh, hence he was not a successor.

One day while Rana Kumbha was worshiping in the Eklingji temple, Udai Singh killed him and ruled for five years. Udai Singh was a weak ruler. Under his reign, Mewar lost Abu and Ajmer. 

Raimal came to power after defeating Udai Singh I in battles at Jawar, Darimpur, and Pangarh. After being defeated by Raimal, Udai Singh fled to Delhi to please the Delhi Sultan and offered his daughter in a marital alliance. But, before the marriage took place, the King was hit by lightning and died on the spot. His sons Surajmal and Sahasmal were with him.

Reign of Rana Raimal

In the early period of his reign, Ghiyas Shah of Malwa attacked Chittor unsuccessfully. Zafar Khan, General of Ghiyas Shah, also attacked Mewar but was defeated at Mandalgarh and Khairabad.

Rana Raimal ended the conflict with the Rathores by marrying Sringardevi, daughter of Rao Jodha.

The last years of Raimal’s rule were marked by conflict between his sons with Prince Sanga having to flee Chittor. His two sons – Prithviraj and Jaimal – were killed. 

At this difficult time, he came to know that Sanga was still alive and in hiding. Raimal summoned Sanga back to Chittor and died soon afterward.

Rana Raimal fights the sultan and his nephews

Sultan of Delhi, Sikander Lodi allying with the sons of Udai Singh – Surajmal and Sahasmal, fought against Rana Raimal. 

In this war, Sultan was defeated. Surajmal survived and was pardoned by Rana Raimal.

Fight at Sadri

Surajmal and Raimal’s armies met at Sadri, a town that Surajmal had captured. Raimal’s son Prithviraj joined his father at a crucial time in the war and directly attacked Surajmal. Their conversation in the evening after the day’s war was epic, representing the true character of a Rajput warrior. 

Many such conflicts happened till Surajmal ultimately left Mewar and settled at Pratapgarh where his descendants still flourish and keep up the name of the Sisodia clan. Prithviraj was later killed by poisoning by the Abu Deora chief and thus made way for Sanga’s return when Jaimal died.

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