The Maharana of the Mewar Kingdom (reigned 1531–1536) was Vikramaditya Singh (1517–1536). He was a Sisodiya Rajput, the elder brother of Udai Singh II, and the son of Rana Sanga. Due to his bad temper, he was despised by the Mewar nobles and was defeated by the Gujarat Sultanate. Bahadur Shah of Gujarat invaded Chittor in 1535 while he was in power.

Murder of Vikramaditya Singh

Even after his defeat in 1535, Vikramaditya’s attitude did not change, and on one occasion in 1536, he assaulted a respected senior chieftain in front of the Court. Due to this, the Mewar nobility decided to imprison Vikramaditya in the palace, making Udai Singh, the beloved and obedient son of Panna Dhai, the heir apparent.

Vanvir Singh tracked out Vikramaditya’s men and turned them against him. Vanvir attempted to kill Uday Singh while also killing Vikramaditya. He was purportedly Prithviraj’s (Udai Singh’s uncle) illegitimate child. Vanvir believed he was the legitimate heir to the crown.

He organised a feast called the “Deepdan” and made the most of it one evening in 1537 (some publications also refer to 1536). He decided that now was the perfect opportunity to assassinate Vikramaditya, who was being held captive, since the entire kingdom was enjoying the celebration.

The 14-year-old Maharana-elect, Udai Singh, was the last obstacle to his quest, and Panna Dai‘s awareness, patriotism, and loyalty prevented him from removing him. He then hurried towards the rawala. In order to transport the prince to safety in Kumbhalgarh, Panna Dai sacrificed his son.

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