Rana Ratan Singh II(died 1531) was the Maharana (r. 1528 – 1531) of Mewar Kingdom. He was the son of Rana Sanga. His wives were Rani Guman Kanwar and Maharani Suja Bai of Bundi.

Succession of Rana Ratan Singh II

After the war against Babur, Sanga was taken away from the battlefield in an unconscious state by Prithviraj Singh I Kachwaha and Maldeo Rathore of Marwar. 

After regaining consciousness he took an oath to not return to Chittor until he had defeated Babur and conquered Delhi. He also stopped wearing a Turban and used to wrap a cloth over his head.

While he was preparing to wage another war against Babur, he was poisoned by his nobles who did not want another conflict with Babur. He died in Kalpi in January 1528 or on May 20, 1528 and was succeeded by his son Ratan Singh II.

He was succeeded by his surviving brother Vikramaditya Singh.

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