Udai Singh I, also known as Udaikaran or Udah, was the Rana (r. 1468–1473) of the Mewar Kingdom. He was the son of Rana Kumbha. He ruled for a small span of 5 years.

Biography of

Rana Udai Singh attempted to appease all of the minor Rajput Chiefs who had been subjugated by Rana Kumbha after noticing discontent at home. Additionally, he appeased Rana Kumbha’s younger brother and ardent foe Rawal Khem Karan by permitting him to occupy Ban Sadn. 

However, his younger brother Raimal quickly organized resistance, and all those devoted Rajputs who had not come to terms with the crime of Rana Udai Singh joined him. Khem Karan was killed three times in a conflicted battle at Darimpur in 1530 against 1473, and Rana Udai Singh was ousted from Chittor. Then he sought refuge in Sojat, where he wed Kunwar Bagha Rathor’s daughter.

Surajmal and Sahasmal, Udai Singh’s two older sons, also joined him at Sojat, but Udai Singh was unable to find strong support and soon travelled to Malwa with his family in search of refuge and assistance from Sultan Ghiyath Shah. As a result, Malwa is once more seen providing shelter to a disgruntled Mewar prince.

He killed his father, Rana Kumbha, in 1468 and thereafter became known as Hatyara (Murderer). 

Death of Udai Singh I

Udai himself died in 1473, with the cause of death sometimes being stated as a result of being struck by lightning but more likely to have also been murdered by his brother Rana Raimal to avenge the death of their father, Rana Kumbha.

Ghiyath Shah agreed to assist him, and in return, he agreed to give his daughter in marriage to him. The proposed matrimonial alliance aimed at establishing friendly relations between the two States. But destiny had it otherwise. Rana Udai Singh was struck with lightning, when he was returning to his camp, after completing the negotiations, and thus the entire plan fell through and no marriage took place. 

Surajmal and Sahasmal, however, remained in the Malwa court and continued to press the Sultan to help them in recovering their patrimony. Sultan Ghiyath Shah finally agreed to assist them and with his forces marched on Chittor.

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